Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Whole Fam Damily

Even though Valentine's Day is somewhat of a cliche holiday to celebrate, don't forget! A Door County Kayak Tours gift certificate is a great gift for your loved ones because a paddle together is a great way to to communicate, laugh, and remind of each other of all the love!

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Why Door County is the best location for Paddle Boarding

Why is Door County the best location for Paddle Boarding? We have over 300 miles of coastline on Green Bay and Lake Michigan, plus several inland lakes to accommodate all skill levels and any wind/wave direction. Beginners learn best in protected flat calm water and we have multiple locations that guarantee these factors. Intermediates seeking

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The Great Lakes

The beautiful water that we paddle on everyday makes up a portion of 31,341 trillion gallons of the World's Fresh water contained in the Great Lakes.  So come out & experience the majestic beauty that surrounds the peninsula!   Check out NatGeo for more info about our planet's fresh water:

What animal would you embody?

Throughout these past few weeks, our guides have encountered a plethora of animals along our paddles. From swans to otters, our tours haven't lacked the visual appeal of wildlife in Door County.  Our recent sitings of the playful family of river otters portrays the elements of earth & water, both in which encompasses our passions

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