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7 Reasons to Host Your Bachelorette Party in Door County


Every best friend knows hosting a bachelor or bachelorette party is no small feat! The booking, planning, and coordinating can seem like an impossible task and, at times, overwhelming for that perfection-seeking maid of honor. Luckily, Door County provides the perfect venue with a variety of activities to satisfy even the choosiest of brides-to-be! 1….

7 Reasons why Newport State Park is the best park

Stary night sky viewed from Newport State Park in Door County, WI

We love this State Park and we know you will too! Newport state park is a wilderness park, it’s a stargazer’s dream and a kayakers dream too!  What more could you want from one of the 5 gems of Door County’s State Parks.  Close to Ellison Bay, Newport State Park in Door County is Wisconsin’s…

Like to Party? These 3 Door County Bars Are the “The Barmuda Triangle”

Kayaks with a sailboat behind them in Door County, Wisconsin

Who doesn’t like to have a good time… Just make sure to drive sober or hire an uber and don’t get lost 😉 Husbys The Bowl JJ’s La Puerta. Wisconsin, a bar on every corner.  Sister Bay is the place to go if you are wanting some nightlife during the summer.  Often called the Barmuda…

3 Perfect Rainy Day things to do for kids in Door County

Spring Equi

Your going to love these rainy day activities in Door County 1.  Hands On Art Studio Feel like a return to art class?  Back in 2007, Door County Kayak Tours had a nice little co-existing space with Hands on Art Studio.  We soon outgrew that location and Cy with Hands on Art Studio was quickly…