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7 Reasons Why Cave Point County Park is the Best Park in Door County

Cave Point County Park

We love Cave Point County Park and so will you!

Cave Point County Park is one of the top destinations in Door County!  It is a picturesque spot that has an abundance of activities to do around it.   Since it isn’t one of the 5 gems of Door County parks, a lot of people overlook the amazing county parks!  However, it is one of the area’s best spots to visit on your Door County Vacation. The coves, caves, turquoise waters, and beautiful Lake Michigan views make this County park a definite for your Door County vacation.

After visiting Cave Point County Park, make sure to check out Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park. It’s right around the corner and one of the 5 gems of Door County.

7 Things You Must Do at Cave Point County Park

Within the peninsula’s 19 county parks, Cave Point is the most breathtaking. Here are 7 reasons why the park is a must visit on your Door County vacation!

1.  Caves & Coves

You won’t really be able to experience or see the caves from the land, but you will be able to see Devil’s Bathtub(nicknamed by one of our past kayak guides). There are plenty of caves under the water too, but those are best left to the scuba divers and snorkelers.  When the water is rough, this is a great place to get photos of the water splashing up against the coves and launching into the air.  Just be careful, each year, cave point county park claims lives; Marines, photographers, even kayakers.  Just another reason to go with the extra safety of a guide on a kayak tour or a Door County photography hiking tour.

Big Waves are fun to watch.

a girl jumping off of cave point cliffs

2.  Caribbean turquoise waters

You won’t believe your eyes, when you see the water some days.  We call it Jamaica Bay, because it reminds us of the Caribbean.  The waters can look like this even in the middle of winter!  Be careful and don’t get too close to the edge of the cliffs during any time of the year!

3.  Cave Kayak Tours

Humble self promotion.  There is no better way to see cave point, than by kayak on a calm day with one of our Door County tours. Paddlers and kayakers can enjoy a perspective land based cave point hikers can’t. Most days are pretty calm, 75% during the summer, during the spring and fall, the winds are higher and it reduces our possibility of doing the cave point kayaking tour. The park provides no accessible kayak launch though. We are lucky enough to approach Cave Point from the north at Schauer Park.  This vantage point allows us an easy retreat into safe and calm waters at Schauer Park.  Most of the large waves that roll into Cave Point are from the south, although the waves can come from the north, but that is a lot more rare, and even then, you still don’t want to approach Cave Point from Whitefish Bay Dunes state park due to there being waves at the beach on a north wind day.  We recommend signing up for a tour in the morning early on in your vacation, which will allow you to push the tour back if we hit inclement weather.  Our goal is to see cave point with calm water and peaceful lapping water to listen to.


A fun hike connects to Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park.  Be mindful along the path and watch your children, there are many spots that are very dangerous if you fall in and there are not protective railings along the path.  Keep an eye out for poison ivy and the hole that you can see into the big cave 1/2 way down the trail.


Not a recommended activity as the limestone rock is super crumbly and can result in injuries or death.  Saying that, this is one of the areas in Door County where the water has eaten away at a lot of the loose crumbly limestone rock and has left stronger rock to grip.  If you fall, a majority of the area is water, but be mindful and know that there are very shallow spots too.

Weddings and Event location

Hosting an event in Door County?  If so, you will want to check out Cave Point County Park!  Pros:A gorgeous little 20 person gazebo and a great backdrop.  Cons: Limited parking and plenty of people in your photos.

Door County Photography

Water splashing on the rocks, turquoise water background, cliff jumping!   Go ahead and get that selfie!Bluffs near Cave Point, Wisconsin

This isn’t all there is to do there;  Surfing, BBQing, sun tanning, and making out  are all popular as well.

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