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7 Reasons Fish Creek is the Best Town in Door County

7 reasons why fish creek is the best town in Door County

We love Fish Creek and we think you will too!

Fish creek is definitely amongst the best towns in Door Country. Even the nature itself behaves civil here. It houses the biggest golf course in all of Wisconsin. The great deal of water provides for amazing kayaking experience. The beaches are eye pleasing to say the least. There is a great amount of history to the town. Amazing mix of colors is what this fish creek is all about.

Once you come down the highway 42, it’s this grand place with an amazing harbor. Moreover, it’s the gateway to Peninsula state park, 1 of the 5 Door county park gems! It offers breathtaking views of islands, especially from a bluff. This nice small town always has lots of things going on. From kayaking to hiking to cycling, there’s just plenty ways to stay connected with nature. Fish creek provides for such activities in surplus. It’s a fortunate coincidence for us to have offices set up here. Regardless, it’s a town that deserves all your love.

Peninsula State Park

Peninsula State Park is adjacent to fish creek and separates it from Ephraim. It is a great spot to kayak and bike in the summer. In the winters, cross country skiing is popular here. There is plenty of history in this place. It has the Eagle Bluff lighthouse and the City Brick lighthouse, both of which were built in the late 1800s. Generally, Door County is dubbed as the ‘county with most lighthouses in the United States’. Being the main view from Fish Creek it has its bay in Nicolet Beach.

In addition, they have a 10 mile sunset bike route. It travels across the 1868’ Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, Nature Center and Nicolet bay. The ride starts from Fish creek, where we start our E-bike tour of the park. Peninsula State Park is considered as ‘Wisconsin’s most popular camping destination’. You have to reserve almost a year in advance for weekend bookings.

Check out our Peninsula State Park Fat Tire Electric Bike Tour to explore this Gem!


Great Lodging options

Homestead suite is so close to the Peninsula State Park. The suites include cable TV, fridges, coffee makers and microwaves. The decks and balconies offer amazing view till Eagle Bluff Lighthouse. It features indoor plus outdoor pools, sauna, fridges, microwaves and more. Resort offers laundry, bike storage, games, conference center and WiFi access.

White Gull Inn is located in the bayside village. It has been in operations since 1896. They serve the county’s own fish boils to general public. They offer a range of rooms and suites, with varying prices. Houses and cottage are also available on request.

Whistling Swan is located close to the Noble Historic Museum. It’s the oldest operating Inn in Door Peninsula.  It was originally built in 1887. Room prices start at $160 in peak season. It drops till $85 during the off season. Rooms include a complimentary breakfast plus local Luna coffee.

The sunset

Fish creek made it to our list of the 5 best spots to watch sunset in Door County. It’s a great spot to view the sunset especially on a kayak tour. You can book one of our Door County sunset glow roll electric fat tire bike tours and go on a sunset cruise. Needlessly to say, the cruise leaves later in the day. You cannot miss the glorious Door County sunsets. They are just dazzling and breathtaking.

People visit Door County for a number of reasons. One awesome one is the spectacular sunset. The 250 mile shoreline offers a unique perspective on sunsets. Every color from orange to purple can be seen. There are many vantage points to watch sunsets. The Sunset Park in Fish Creek should be the best in the county. Established in 1919, it makes Door County trips special, even to this day. Watching the sun set beneath the sparkling water is dramatic.

Fish Creek sunset over the water


A majority tourists return to Fish creek for the shopping experience. It comes on back of numerous individually owner retail stores. There is an abundance of uniqueness in this area.

The Top of the Hill Shops is located north of downtown. 15 great stores make up these shops. There is a basket weaver, a kitchen store, women’s apparels and more.

Fish Creek Basketry is the perfect store for Door County gifts. This artistic gem is owned and operated by Katie, who makes the baskets herself. If you are lucky, you might watch her do it in the store. Abby, the shop dog is always at the doorsteps to welcome you.

The Main Course is a kitchen store for cooks. Both novices and pros will find something useful here. From peanut butter mixer to fancy kitchenware, there is a range of products available.

Just down the hill from the Top of the Hill Shops is the O’Meara’s Irish House. It doubles as a cultural experience for outsiders.

There are more than 20 unique stores in Founder’s Area. It’s the Fish Creek’s most convenient shopping location. Cafes, restaurants and other amenities are just 2-5 minute walk from here. Here’s where you can get a great selection of Door County souvenirs, jewellery, home accents and more.

Moccasin Works has provided fish creek with fine, handmade moccasins and boots for two decades. They make most of the moccasin in store for the customers to see.

Bath, Body & Soul Essentials presents trendy themes and timeless designs in clothing. From jewelry to clothing to baked products, it’s perfect girl friendly getaway shopping experience.


This awesome place provides a variety of cuisines. They are open every spring. They serve American, Mexican and fast foods.

Great breakfast, view of the fish creek beach, and the best coffee on the Peninsula defines Blue Horse beach café. It’s a great, cozy and hospitable place.

This romantic B&B serves some amazing food. The restaurant provides WiFi access and bar facilities. It’s so close to downtown shops of Fish Creek.

Everything at a walking distance…

Another great reason to love Fish Creek is everything is at a walking distance here. Walking tours are organized during peak season. The amenities are quite close to reach by. Everything feels so close especially when you are in downtown.

The Beach

Fish creek has two different bays with – Nicolet Beach and Fish Creek Beach. They offer fantastic view of the Peninsula State park. While this beach doesn’t have a concession, you can rent a kayak, rent an electric bike or rent a paddleboard from us and pass time at the beach. Launch it at either of these beaches to see Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, Eagle Bluff or Horseshoe Island.

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