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7 Must Do Winter Activities in Door County

7 must do door county winter activities

Many tourists come for the vibrant colors of fall, but the silence of winter can be just as breathtaking, Door County becomes a magical winter wonderland. Don’t get cabin fever, make sure you get out and explore all the sights and sounds of Door County in the Winter.  During your cozy winter adventure, we recommend these peninsula winter activities, some of which take part inside the Door County Parks system.

1. Make a fire

Nothing says cozy snuggles, like a fire and sipping on hot chocolate.  Grab a book, and fire up the fireplace.  Make sure to use hardwoods, like oak, cherry or ash.  Stay away from cedar and pine, to protect your chimney.

a bonfire monster in Door County

2.Cross Country Skiing

Door County hosts almost 50 miles of cross country ski trails in their state parks; Peninsula State Park, Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park, Newport State Park. These ski trails offer some beautiful views in the Midwest. Don’t worry if you have never skied before, most of the trails are beginner. You can rent snowshoes and cross country skis from Nor Door Sports.


Much like Cross Country Skiing, this sport is a little easier, and offers the same panoramic views.  Make sure to bundle up and go out prepared with a friend.   The best time is right after a fresh snowfall.  Peninsula State Park has some great trails to explore or for more seclusion, check out the Door County Land Trust.

4.Photograph the ice shoves of Door Bluff Headlands Park and Cave Point County Park icicles

The northernmost tip of the Peninsula, like Door Bluff Headlands Park near Death’s Door have some amazing ice shoves after a few months of freezing temperatures and some large storms.  Go get some amazing photos of the light and these ice beasts.  Or stay further south and explore the Cave Point County Park and what natural made ice sculptures the waves make when they splash up on the caves and freeze.  Always use the buddy system, don’t stand too close to open water and be careful walking on the ice.  When in doubt, don’t go out!  Cold water kills!  Join one or our Door County Tours; Hiking Photography Tour

5. Shopping

While there won’t be as many shops open as during the summer, you can still find plenty of cute stores to peruse.  Stick to Fish Creek, Sister Bay and Sturgeon Bay on the weekends.  A fun shop is scand, a resale store in Sister Bay that can provide some treasures.

6. Door County Winter Festival

If you’ll be visiting Door County during the winter, try to time your stay with the Door County Winter Festival. A bunch of odd games, fireworks and some good old fashioned drinking. Do warm up prior to participating in the bike toss.

7. Read a book

Visit one of the many book stores in Door County and cozy up and get some reading done.