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About Us

Meet the Owner

My name is David Rack. I am the owner of Door County Kayak Tours, LLC. The story of how I built this small eco-tourism business is a unique example of how to follow your heart and turn dreams into reality.

  • Follow your heart!

    Bring your friends along for the ride.
  • Stay healthy – Eat beautiful food, play, breathe, and laugh a lot.
  • Travel – Become humble and experience the world from a child’s perspective.
  • K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple, silly!

Play. Work. Relax. Enjoy.

It is not about me; it is the guides who make your experience memorable! Our guides work with us long-term, even in our very seasonal industry. Our top-notch equipment, timely itineraries, and picturesque photo opportunities attract extraordinary guides — many of whom are highly sought after in the industry and who have stayed with us for years. Even guides who travel to work in other areas often return to Door County Kayak Tours, LLC. for the same reason: We love what we do.

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