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7 Reasons Why Ephraim is the Best Town to Stay at in Door County


We love Ephraim and we think you will too!

Ephraim is a quiet, peaceful town located in between Fish Creek and Sister Bay. There is a lot of cool history belonging to this place. From the old school to the old fire station, this town is almost ancient. On the other hand, it has a contemporary feel to it. You will be delighted with their water recreational activities. You can be a part of the local yacht club. Getting sailing lessons here offers a unique experience. For some quick fun, jet skis come handy.

Among the coolest aspects of this town is its family friendly environment. It’s one of the safest places to travel with kids. Moreover, the locations seldom get touristy or crowded. Being so open to the water, it’s presents a breezy setting. Literally every place on the coast features an open waterfront. Furthermore, the sunsets here are picturesque. Fusion of natural greenery and white buildings is a treat to the eye.

Main Attractions

Peninsula State Park, one of the most popular of the Door County parks system is located on Ephraim as well as Fish creek. Frankly it is the finest state park in Door County. It almost has 4000 acres, making it the largest in the county. They receive 1.3 million visitors from around the world, every year. It is one of the most complete parks in Wisconsin State Park system. The park has an 18-hole championship golf course. In addition they have a 6-hole short course. The golf course doubles up as sledding hill in the winters.

A musical production takes place every year in the Northern Sky Theater. As we discussed in previous posts, the park has got a historic lighthouse on the property. There are 5 family campsite areas in addition to a group campsite area. There are over 25 miles of snowmobile trails in the park. It’s an enjoyable park that receives visitors all around the year.

Anderson Dock was built as a namesake dock by Anderson brothers in the 1850s. The brothers wanted to export goods from Ephraim village. At the turn of the century, the dock became the de facto port of call for all ships. Now, the visitors add their names or messages to the building, to continue the sailor’s tradition to this day. You just can’t afford not to miss the Anderson Dock, when in Ephraim. When you are there, don’t forget to add your message.

Water Activities

Ephraim has great access to the Nicolet Bay beach. You can get in by the golf course. Door County paddle board rentals and Door county kayak rentals are quite popular here. You can always contact Door County Kayak Tours for watercrafts to rent or take a Door County tour to see Eagle Bluff, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse and Horseshoe island. The snack bar is located on the bay. They serve pizza, burger, ice cream, sundaes, French fries, nachos and what not. Eat in while enjoying the splendid view of the beach!

It has got a wonderful public arena. For fast paced fun you can get on jet skis. You can also opt for bicycle rides. The beach is serene and peaceful. Nicolet Bay Beach is located adjacent to the Peninsula state park. You got amazing view of the beach from eagle bluff.  From there, you can watch the best of Door County sunsets. In fact, Ephraim is amongst the best places to watch sunsets in Door County.


Ephraim has some of the best Door County Restaurants that use locally sourced food products for years. Here, the food tastes better while supporting the local economy more. Most of the ingredients come from within 2-3 miles. They have got some great hotels and eateries. Firstly, there is Trixie’s on the Pioneer lane that serves fine wine and pasta. Secondly, you got the Leroy’s catering coffees, lattes and treats. Thirdly, the Czarnuszka Soup Bar presents excellent homemade soups ever.

Picturesque locations

Ephraim is more historical than Fish Creek. It is more of the picturesque beautiful place too. It’s that amazing place to get an iconic photo. Fittingly, the Ephraim Public Library has a lot of art books. Beautiful landscape is part of the local culture. Art has always been the specialty of this place. Wedding photography is quite popular here. Drones are used extensively to capture the scenic beauty of this place and of the Fyr Bal Festival. Majestic white buildings and the bluffs of Green bay adds to that.


  • Fish Boil: It’s called the old post office restaurant. This place has a lot of history to it. Fish Boil has been in operations since 1874. If you come early, you can catch Boil master Earl Jones in action. It’s simply awesome to see the ‘boil over’ at 1500 degree Fahrenheit!
  • Chef’s Hat café: It offers all the yummy options starting from salads to soups to burgers. This 8 to 8 restaurant features an outdoor patio providing view of the lake. Enjoy access to free public WiFi too.

Geography and Climate

There are around 300 residents and 1500 yearly summer visitors in Ephraim. The tourists come here for the eagle harbor, Horseshoe Island, Peninsula State park and for the weather. The weather is always quite moderate in here. People from nearby states have sailed to Ephraim and Fish creek historically for the weather. It was before the usage of air conditioners in the U.S. These regions were considered “Naturally air conditioned“, by residents and tourists alike.

Door County lodging/ hotels/ motels

Ephraim is a kid and pet friendly location. It was not until 2016, people in Ephraim had no liquor licenses. Pets are allowed in almost every shop, public amenity and hotel. You can always get designated pet friendly hotel rooms.

  • Somerset Inn and suites: From pool to fireplace to dining, there are all sorts of amenities. More amenities include free WiFi, gas grills, picnic areas, hot tub, sundeck, etc… It’s located pretty close to all major tourist attractions in Ephraim. A total of 38 rooms are available for booking.
  • Pine Grove Resort: There is a range of rooms and suites available here. They offer Family Suite, which is great for large family vacations. The rooms have microwave, refrigerator, AC, Flat screen and more. They offer special discounts for seniors and for people who served in the forces.
  • Ephraim Vacation Homes:  Charming cabins nestled in the woods, only one block from the bay and the magical Ephraim sunsets! Run by 6th generation descendants of Ephraim’s first settler Ole Larsen who came over from Norway in 1853.

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