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Door County Wisconsin

Discover the Hidden Gem: A Perfect Weekend Getaway in Door County

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to experiencing the hidden gem of Door County! Nestled on the picturesque peninsula of Wisconsin, Door County offers a perfect escape for a memorable weekend getaway. In this article, we will take you on a virtual tour, uncovering the enchanting attractions, delightful culinary experiences, and breathtaking natural beauty that make Door County a must-visit destination. Embrace the Perfect Time for Exploration The beauty of Door County reveals itself throughout the year, each season showcasing its unique charm. However, to truly immerse yourself in the essence of this remarkable place, we recommend planning your visit during the region’s most popular time—summer. From June to September, Door County comes alive with vibrant festivals, temperate weather, and a plethora of outdoor activities. Delight in the Allure of Door County’s Charming Towns Ephraim: A Quaint Village by the Water…

What Are the Best Places to SUP in Door County?

If you are looking for a fun activity that can help you get in shape, explore the water, and remain active this summer, then you should go stand-up paddle boarding. There are so many places you can go stand-up paddle boarding, one of the top spots is in Wisconsin at Door County. Because this is…

Houston Kayak Tours on the Buffalo Bayou

We are excited to announce the opening of a kayak & paddle board tours / rental in Houston, Texas.  We hope to add E – Bike Tours and Rentals to take tours of the baseball stadium Minute Maid Park within the year. We hope you get to join us at Buffalo Bayou Kayak Tours

Door County ATV vs Fat Tire E-Bike Rentals

eBikes vs. ATVs eBikes have evolved admirably over the years and the newest models are on par with the more rugged vehicles like ATVs, they’re constantly compared for efficiency and suitability for different roads. Let’s see what these two impressive vehicles have in common and how they differ. We’ll go through the pros and cons of each,…

Skip the Line at One of the Best Door County Restaurant’s

You might have seen the line as you passed Good Eggs in Ephraim.  There is a reason why there is a line there, it is voted as one of the best restaurants in Door County. Here is a quick tip for you, if you don’t want to wait in line and also use a credit…

The Best (and Worst) Beaches to Visit During Record High Water Levels

Door County is a beautiful vacation destination for anyone, with a myriad of activities ranging from fun things for the more athletically inclined as well as those who prefer a little more relaxation. However, with water levels in Door County being the highest they have been since the 80’s, finding the right place to spend…

7 Reasons to Host Your Bachelorette Party in Door County

Every best friend knows hosting a bachelor or bachelorette party is no small feat! The booking, planning, and coordinating can seem like an impossible task and, at times, overwhelming for that perfection-seeking maid of honor. Luckily, Door County provides the perfect venue with a variety of activities to satisfy even the choosiest of brides-to-be! 1….

Ten Celebrities Tweet Their Love For Door County Kayak Tours

1. Bill Gates: Bill left a good tip. *hint, hint ;)* 2. Shakira: Always trust your hips, Shakira. 3. Aaron Rodgers: Kayaking offers a great full body workout! 4. Ellen DeGeneres: Thanks Ellen, we try. 5. Beyonce: Even Queen Bey came on a tour. 6. NASA: So since last week? We’ll take what we get….