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7 Must Do Winter Activities in Door County

Many tourists come for the vibrant colors of fall, but the silence of winter can be just as breathtaking, Door County becomes a magical winter wonderland. Don’t get cabin fever, make sure you get out and explore all the sights and sounds of Door County in the Winter.  During your cozy winter adventure, we recommend…

Door County Guide’s Favorite Things To Do

It is getting to be that time of year again! That time to start thinking about and planning summer vacations! We hope that you are all getting as excited as we are at Door County Kayak Tours and Cave Point Paddle & Pedal about the thought of the summer sun and playing on Lake Michigan….

The ultimate plan for your Door County Fireworks 4th of July weekend

Come join us and celebrate the 4th of July on our guided firework tours!!  As we kayak along the shoreline with glow sticks and headlamps you will surely enjoy the grandeur of our Independence Day on our relaxing night paddle at our two unique locations.  View the Baileys Harbor fireworks on Friday the 4th.  What…

FishStock is Door County’s best Music Festival

Why Fishstock is the place to be this summer!   Make sure to check out the concerts at Camp David Fishstock Concerts

7 reasons why the Ephraim Fyr Bal festival is a PARTY!

55th Annual Fyr Bal Festival | Ephraim Door County This is an annual bonfire festival that is fun to watch from the water, it is called Fyr Ball, not Fir Ball, or Fire Ball as I thought it was called in the past. Fyr Ball Festival is a Scandinavian festival celebrating the beginning of summer…