Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Whole Fam Damily

Even though Valentine's Day is somewhat of a cliche holiday to celebrate, don't forget! A Door County Kayak Tours gift certificate is a great gift for your loved ones because a paddle together is a great way to to communicate, laugh, and remind of each other of all the love!

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How to Beat Those Door County Winter Blues

What to do when you're stuck in a winter rut in Door County. I've been feeling the winter blues this winter, haven't you!? Here is a list of things to make your body and mind feel good right now!   1. Grab some snowshoes and the dog, get outside! Fresh air

5 Reasons Experiences Make Better Gifts

  Looking to up your holiday game? Look to science. A new study done at Cornell University called Waiting for Merlot: Anticipatory Consumption of Experiential and Material Purchases gives us a few insights into how to make the most of our hard earned money when we give to friends and family. "Experiential purchases (money

Beautiful Morning on the Bay

The sun peeks from behind light fluffy clouds strewn across an intense blue sky. The water glistens and sparkles across the bay as we step gently into the water. The yellow bows of our kayaks gently split the glassy surface of the water as we push smoothly out onto it's shining surface. Orange and yellow

Door County is the Bomb, Cherry Bomb that is!

Calling all Cherry Enthusiasts! The Door County Cherry Harvest has begun! The cherry tradition began in 1896, receiving national attention for the cherry boom (or bomb, I should say) in 1909. By 1922 cherry cultivation expanded so large, ten thousand acres to be exact, it was difficult to maintain a workforce dedicated to the cherry

Wind= Wetlands!

It is a sad truth that strong winds and kayaking do not make good friends. And it has been a windy week here in Door County. Storms early in the week brought us gale force winds blowing up big waves out on both the lake and the bay. The good news is that even these

Rocking our New Location at Mr. G’s Tiki Bar

Door County Kayak Tours new location is open and booming! Directly on the water at Mr. G’s Logan Creek Tiki Bar 5890 Highway 57 on beautiful Ridges Sanctuary Nature Preserve, Just south of Jacksonport on Highway 57. Now we are very close to our launch point for the Cave Tours and directly on the water