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7 reasons why the Ephraim Fyr Bal festival is a PARTY!

Kayakers on Lake Michigan in Door County, Wisconsin

55th Annual Fyr Bal Festival | Ephraim Door County

This is an annual bonfire festival that is fun to watch from the water, it is called Fyr Ball, not Fir Ball, or Fire Ball as I thought it was called in the past. Fyr Ball Festival is a Scandinavian festival celebrating the beginning of summer in Ephraim.

  1. Ephraim historical walking tours,
  2. Music
  3. Crafts
  4. Food booths
  5. Fish boil
  6. Traditional Scandinavian dancers and singers.
  7. Chieftain ceremony with ceremonial bonfire-lighting, fireworks at Sunset over Eagle Harbor on Saturday Night and much more!. After the main bonfire is lit(across from the town hall) the rest of the bonfires go ablaze!

During this Door County tour we kayak out from Nicolet Bay around Eagle Bluff and stayed close to the shore because of boat traffic.

We celebrate the sunset with a hoot and a paddle raise.

Things to consider: The coast guard requires that you take a light 1/2 hour before sunset and that it does not have to be on, but that it has to be easily accessible. Timing; the lights go up at sunset, so time your trip wisely.

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