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When you go kayaking with a Guided Door County Kayak Tour you will be able to relax and take in some of the most beautiful scenery in the Midwest. In this fast-paced world of work, traffic, kids and life we understand how important quality travel is these days. Besides the scenery, it is our guides who will make your tour.  Make a reservation for your second or third day in your trip to give you leeway for inclement door county weather. Download or have us send you a brochure.
Cave Kayak Tour

Cave Tour

Have you seen the caves?

Our #1 Kayak Tour

We can take YOU there in style. This is the tour we are known for across the universe. We go there as much as safely possible, ~80% of the time…. If we are not able to go to the caves, we go to our bluff tour location. Book your trip early in the week and early in the day(8am/10am) to allow for a better chance to get up and close to the caves.  Beginners welcome.
Cave Tour info

Bluff Tour

Paddle under towering bluffs!

Just as awe inspiring as the caves.

Our alternative when the wind and waves don’t let us go to the caves. This tour is no let down, with Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, Horseshoe Island and Eagle Bluff, it has plenty of spectacular sights.  Beginners welcome.

Bluff Tour info

Door County Sunset Kayak Tour

Sunset Tour

A Door County Sunset like no other!

Stunning sunsets are your destiny!

Join us on a relaxing paddle into the sunset. Grab your sweetheart and celebrate your anniversary with class and some great photos.  Door County Sunsets don’t fail.  Book early in your vacation week to allow for rescheduling due to cloudy nights and calm water.

Sunset Kayak Tour info

Private Kayak Tour

All for YOU and YOUR group

You choose the location, you choose the time

Over 25 locations to choose from…on our Door County Tour Map! Minding the wind and waves and with adequate pre-purchase, we can paddle anywhere in Door County.

Private Tour Info

Door County Zip Line Tour

Zip Line Tours

Fly thru the sky like a bird!

Beginner friendly zip line tours

Zip Line Tour with a climbing wall give you another fun outdoor activity in Door County, WI. Check this activity off of the bucket list and make a full day of activities.  Can be scheduled any time during your vacation.

Zip line tour info click here.

Paddle Board Rental (SUP)

Try this fun new activity!

Rent for day(s) or week

Paddle boarding is a full body workout and a great way to get on the water. If you have not tried it yet, rent one this summer.  We can have it at your Door County rental property before you walk in the door.

Click here for more paddle board rental info

Years of exploration have pinpointed the greatest tour locations around the peninsula.  We hand selected the very best places to tour.  Noticing all of the motorized boat traffic during the busy season(July/August), we like to stick to the lake side for most of our tours.  We don’t just kayak around the busy towns of Fish Creek, Ephraim or Egg Harbor, we explore the rest of Door County’s 300 miles of shoreline that is tucked away in the bays, estuaries, bluffs, and caves.  Each world-class location on our Door County Map hosts spectacular picturesque bluffs, caves, lighthouses, shipwrecks and more.
It is all about you, having a great time!
  • Moonlit Marriage Proposal
  • Puppy posing with paddle for photo
  • Cliff Jumping Courageous Kids
When you book a tour with us, we ask that you honor the date and time of your tour. There are times when we need to cancel all tours due to wind and waves and we will do our best to reschedule you to another time.(Why we ask you to book early in your vacation week) We do our best to honor requests to the bluffs or the caves on our daily group tours. However, we are at the mercy of the wind and waves. Both tours are beautiful, but we understand, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and if you are stuck on seeing one or the other we recommend booking a private tour with us. With a private tour, we can make sure you get to one of the 25 paddling locations around the peninsula, ie. Deaths Door, Moonlight Bay, etc. That is as long as you have some flexibility with your time frame.
  • We focus on bringing,
    • beginners,
    • never-evers, and
    • non-swimmers, onto the Lake Michigan and Green Bay.
  • We use sit-on-top kayaks for ease and safety.
  • PFD/Life Jackets are mandatory during our tours.
  • We pay special attention to the weather, wind and waves before and during our trip.
  • We carry VHF Radios for emergency.
  • We stay close to shore.
  • No hidden fees.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!
  • It is your vacation, we are here for you.

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Door County Kayak Tours, llc. began in Fish Creek, WI. , February 2003 with the dream of exploring the Door County coastline with fellow nature-lovers. Kayaks are non-threatening to wildlife, which means you’ll have a rare view of birds and animals that normally scatter at the approach of motorized boats. In stable sit-on-top and sit-in sea kayaks you use, you’ll feel a connection with the Lake Michigan and Green Bay waters.  If you’re already an avid sea kayaker, you’ll enjoy our emphasis on wildlife, geology and natural history from local guides. No prior experience is necessary! Kayaking is easy to learn in the sheltered waters that we visit, and we provide all of the gear, kayak equipment and guidance needed.

Make this summer vacation memorable!

  • Fill up your vacation week with learning and seeing something new, exciting, fun, romantic and/or paddle with the kids.
  • Please don’t risk getting your new digital camera wet, we bring the waterproof camera to take some Door County photos of you.
  • Get photos of the whole family together, watch and laugh at the photos on the bus
  • Capture the whole wedding group on the water in a giant super-soaker battle.

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We absolutely loved our tour with Christina! She has a bubbly personality with a lot if knowledge of door county
She led us to the caves and let us jump in on one of the sand beaches. The water was super smooth and made it easy to paddle. The kayaks were super stable …
What, no reviews? Come on people. This was a great experience. We called the morning of and was able to get a spot for two at 10:00. AJ was our guide and he was very personable and fun. They were very accommodating and set the pace according to the group. I brought my 72 yr old mom and she did just fine in a tandem kayak. Loved the kayaking through the caves. We limboed through one of the caves. Book with this company!
First time kayaking. Had a great time. Fun and exciting adventure. Jeffrey and Drew were excellent and patient guides. Will definitely be back next summer.
“Fantastic Guides”
Emma and AJ were our guides to Cave Point and were friendly and very knowledgeable about the area, the wildlife and the geography. Emma’s bubbly personality and enthusiasm helped make this a fun tour for a group of adults, teens, and our own 12-year-old and 7-year-old. I think it was about a mile of paddling out to Cave Point, which was just right…
We had a great time kayaking in June of this year. As first time kayakers, we had some concerns about my daughter’s insulin pump getting wet and they even scheduled an additional guide to kayak with her to make sure she didn’t tip over. They were very patient and helpful as we got the hang of paddling and steering. Beautiful scenery and a new perspective of the area that we had not seen. Highly recommended!