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What Are the Best Places to SUP in Door County?


If you are looking for a fun activity that can help you get in shape, explore the water, and remain active this summer, then you should go stand-up paddle boarding. There are so many places you can go stand-up paddle boarding, one of the top spots is in Wisconsin at Door County. Because this is such a beautiful place to experience the outdoors, it should also come as no surprise that there are many locations to go paddle boarding. So where are some great places to go?

Cave Point is Great Beginner Location on an Paddleboard

Cave Point County Park is a picturesque location to go stand-up paddle boarding. It can be very windy and wavey, so make sure to check the conditions.  The waters in this area can also be very quiet if the winds are from the west,  making it an excellent spot for beginners. A great spot to also take photos. A location with some fantastic geological formations with caves above and below the water.

Peninsula State Park – Door County SUP Paddling

One of the five gems of Door County, Peninsula State Park is a great spot to grab a paddle board rental and check out Nicolet Beach, Tenninson Bay or Eagle Bluff.  This is one of the most popular state parks in Door County to go stand-up paddle boarding, so watch out for boat traffic. You can launch multiple locations around the park, just check the wind and the waves before venturing out and make sure to check out the limestone bluffs as you go by on your paddle board.

Mink River is Door Counties Favorite Estuary SUP Location

Take a look at the Mink River Estuary, which is an estuary connected to Lake Michigan. The Mink River is located in Rowley’s Bay on the northeast side of the peninsula. When the weather is calm, the water is completely serene and pristine, making it an excellent location for beginners. It is also very shallow which makes it a great spot to paddle board. The migratory path is directly overhead here, such as the prehistoric looking Blue Heron.

Bailey’s Harbor in Door County is huge.

Finally, you should see Bailey’s Harbor in Door County. This is one of the largest bays in Door County. The waters are can be very wavey here, so have fun practicing your surfing and wave maneuvering.

Get Ready for Your Door County Adventure with a Paddleboard

If you are thinking about going stand-up paddleboarding in Door County, you need to make sure you have the right equipment and are aware of the weather.