Winter Destinations

My preferred method of travel…slow.

Most of my time spent working is usually with the goal to save up and travel. My girlfriend Jacqueline and I enjoy traveling slowly.  Staying in one place for a few weeks if not a month or more.  It is easier to make good friends and find the secret spots. Our travels this year have taken us to South America… Read more →

Learn deep water exit and entry for sea kayaks in a tropical paradise.

Slickrock Adventure’s tiny private island eco-resort on Long Caye  34 miles off the coast of Belize is the perfect place to learn anything having to do with kayaking. Given the 80 degree water and pristine sheltered conditions, it would almost have to be. But along with a bevy of other water sports, sea kayaking is central to a week on… Read more →

Winter Pro-leisure circuit travels

Traveling On a sad note of my puppys departure via a hwy 42 smashed trailer, smoke and ashes, I left for Maui with my kite gear strapped and an old friend and guide, Rachel house sitting with her boyfriend Jesse, a local cook at the Bayside Tavern.  Rachel, curently works at the Bead Bucket in Ephraim and Greens and Grains… Read more →

Baja or Bust

At last a chance to sit down and catch up. Baja or Bust Adventure With the goal of offering a adventure camping trip in Baja, we took off across country. We soon found out we had too many goals cluttering our minds, it looks as if the baja trip will be purely adventure and researching.  We scrapped bringing the E350… Read more →

Did you guys know… BAJA is AJA… but with a B…

Hola… writing today with the splenders of another penninsula on my mind.  Imagine if you may, endless beaches, unexplained rock formations, colorful deserts, gray whales, brilliant clear skies, and a variety of unique people to spice up your life!  Getting excited already?? Because I sure am!  This winter myself (guide), David Rack (owner of DCKT), Abbie Turner (guide/photographer), Taylor Johnson (photographer),… Read more →

Puffy McPillows

What a beautiful day on Mt. Hood, it has been snowing for the past 2 days straight. The overused word “Epic” comes to mind. So a good friend and I have come up with some creative nomenclature of the snow and experience, we ventured around with “Puffy McPillows aka. Down McPillows and Puffy McPuferson to his close friends”. We searched… Read more →