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Yoga Meets Paddle: Door County Spring Equinox

Guide lead a SUP yoga session in Door County, Wisconsin

Spring Equinox is an ancient celebration where different cultures from around the globe welcome the season of blooming and rejuvenation.

This year’s Spring Equinox will be held Tuesday March 20th bringing the Welcoming of Spring and longer sunlight. As you browse through the web, you might find different rituals for this day, from fasting, to vegetarian meals for a day, to wearing white to burning Sandalwood/Palo Santo or Sage, whatever special ritual you would like to perform don’t forget to  visit our SUP PADDLE TOUR: YOGA MEETS PADDLE for a mindful way to connect with water, mind, and body through a YOGA&SUP session.

Our SUP PADDLE TOUR is led by our passionate and radiant Door County Yoga Instructor Jacqueline Soukup who also works with PRIVATE YOGA guiding private groups / corporate groups or team building groups. Inquiries and pricing available at: PADDLE YOGA TODAY