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Door County Photography Guide’s Perspective


I can always tell when I am the first person of the day at one the most beautiful Door County parks called Cave Point County Park, based on the amount of spider webs I have to walk through in order to get to Jamaica Bay. After setting up my hammock at the usual location, the waiting game begins for one of the first Door County tours. A normal day consists of hourly tours meaning that after a tour has their pictures taken and they head back to the launch, I get to wait another hour until the next group comes. Of course taking tour’s pictures is the most exciting part of my day as it’s an experience that most people have never done before and I get to capture their expressions looking at the beauty of Jamaica Bay. My usual phrases to get their attentions are the average “Work it!” “Yes yes gorgeous!” and the ever famous quote, “You’re doing great sweetie!” My favorite picture that I have ever taken was at Devil’s Bathtub when a man sprayed me with a super soaker while I was taking photos and for his picture I sprayed him back. Taking photographs is something that I really love to do and to be able to sit at such a beautiful location doing something that I love is really a great experience. The tan lines on my feet will tell you that not only do I enjoy taking photos, but I love to be outside as well.