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A Kayak is the Best Way to Experience Cave Point County Park

Cave Point County park from the perspective of a kayak

Despite being just a county park, Cave Point County Park still hosts as one of Door County’s most popular summer hot spots for both returning and new tourists; as it rightfully should be. The park offers visitors 19 acres of lakeshore to hike along and make way out to bluff edges and beaches, with breathtaking views of Lake Michigan. Joined north of Whitefish Dunes State Park, the area can go from hiking through a pine and cedar woods to a soft, sandy terrain. The limestone can be seen clearly as bluff formations or as a turquoise patch of sand through the lake water (best seen on calm days or early in the morning!). The county park is free to visit and has an open space area perfect for picnics and frisbee.

The park gets its name from obviously the caves. The majority of the caves are actually underwater and can be tough to see from the shore, as can be the caves tucked into the side of the bluff face. Realistically, only a small percentage of visitors actually get to see the true gems of the park, on the water. Being in your personal kayak or hopping on a Door County Kayak Tour is highly recommended! One of the park’s larger cave can not physically seen standing on shore. Some people never get the chance to see and experience what is directly under their feet and not even knowing it exists. When the water permits, you can actually paddle inside the caves and coves! Being on the water also allows you to paddle over some of the underwater caves as well.

Mornings are typically the best time of day to paddle and experience the park to its fullest. Wind is usually very calm, making the water almost look like glass and the paddle a little easier without having to paddle into knots of wind. Calm water also means the closer you can get to the rock without having to worry about being pushed into it. Typically early mornings also means less people in the park, making all you photos and viewings even more picturesque.

Make it happen this upcoming summer! Be one of the few, of the many, Door County visitors to truly experience the large percentage of the park on one of our most popular Door County Tours.