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Door County Birding Opportunities with our Eco-Tour


Aviary Invasion

If you are a fan of the aviary variety, then Door County is a good place to do your gawking.  Whether you’re looking for Cardinals, Vultures, Pelicans, Hawks, Eagles and/or the ever available Seagulls, there is something to be seen if you have an eye on the sky.  My bird book has taken note of all of the varieties above, but by far the most tremendously amazing encounters have been with the US of A’s pride and joy-> thee Bald Eagle.

The first meeting came on the way back from a tour of Cave Point.  One lady had asked if we were going to see any birds on the trip, and I could only promise that there would be a plethora of Gulls along the way.  Sure enough, as we made thee approach back to the launch site, from the vast blue abyss that is Lake Michigan, a white-headed wonder soared in above and made its nest in a shoreline cedar.  Sometimes, you do get what you wish for*

The second meeting was a bit different, but just as grand.  Just last Tuesday, on a two person private tour, a mother Bald Eagle and its Fledgling came in over the land from the South, and put on quite the display of outstretched wings.  It was the first time that I had seen a “teenager” Eagle and they are quite easy to distinguish, as they are mostly brown with white spots.  It was hard for me to maintain my excitement, but luckily the guests were just as enthused as I.

My brother is a trained Wilderness Guide out West in Washington, and always emphasized that one should always keep their chin up because of the way our eyes and faces are designed.  We can easily look down without moving our heads, but we can not easily look up.  Try it- keep your chin up so you can see the sky, and you can still see below and out in front. If your chin is down so that you may better see your feet, anything above is in your blind spot.

Keep Your Chin Up and Your Eyes on the Sky^ 🙂

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