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Kitesurfing Lessons

Door County Kite Boarding

Kitesurfing Lessons in Door County

When I learned to fly a practice kite I found myself constantly resisting the pull from the kite. Leaning backwards so I would not go flying forward. My first experiences body dragging have taught me to think of the kite in a completely different way.

For those who do not know what body dragging is; it is using a kite to pull yourself through the water. No board is involved. This is done to allow an individual to experience the force of the kite and the coordination required to fly it.

When it was no longer necessary to resist the pull of the kite I was able to feel the power of the kite and the effects of my technique. Skipping across the water in a wetsuit was amazing. The whole process is very intuitive. A person can feel how their movements can effect the kite, and without doing anything can form a basic idea of what different strokes will do to them in the water.

I have body dragged three times. The most recent time, I was able to arc my back and peer out over the water. I watched the kite while it moved through my peripherals ¬†and I skimmed across Bailey’s Harbor.