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Door County Stone Totems


When I go, the beach rocks welcome me.  In there puzzling look, they beckon to be played with.  Stacked, balanced, leaned, totemed. Those kid games never grow old, skipping stones, stacking rocks, throwing moss.  It took us into our 30’s to create the game avalanche, but that is a game to only be shared by close friends with a strong arm and quick rock hopping footsteps.

Almost communal in nature, these stone standings are only claimed by mother nature’s egoless winds, waves and gravity.  Most times past rock statues are realigned, skyrocketed with additions and presumed more magnificent by architectural dreamers growing into imaginary rock cities on the brink of destruction by one good northeaster.

Every once in a while the kid within is released from the frustration monster, built up from the lost years of stuck in traffic, those destructive tendencies diminish and laughter pursues with a healthy does of throwing rocks with your opposite weak arm.  Stacking beach rocks

So without further ado, we bring you “Rock city”