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3 Cool Door County Secret Sites

3 cool door county secret spots

Ancient Door County By Kayak

As the resident anthropologist on the team at DCKT, I wanted to mention a few of the exciting elements of ancient Door County you can see and experience by kayak. Door County is home to a number of interesting cultural sites, some dating back to prehistoric times!

  1. Many people are familiar with the Ice Age Trail which follows the edge of the last continental glacier in WI and provides over 1,000 miles of beautiful walking/hiking/biking running through parts of Door County.
  2. Come explore the lands of the ancient Oneota (our Bluffs tour!) and North Bay Culture with us at Door County Kayak Tours.
  3. Archeology of the Upper Great Lakes, particularly the North Bay on the Lake Michigan side of the Door County peninsula is of particular interest to those who have an eye for the past. Anthropologist Peter Mero founded an archaeological site on his property here in Door County shortly after WWII. His site revealed almost 2,000 years of previously unknown Indian history on the Door Peninsula. The site, named after Mero, revealed evidence of four cultures previously unknown to science. The Oneota Culture (AD 950-1600), the North Bay Culture (150 BC – AD 300), and traces of two other groups in between.

These, and other Door County sites extended knowledge of Indian history into a time when French explorers and missionaries, and formerly more easterly dwelling tribes were moving into Wisconsin and Illinois and provided keystones in the structure of archeological knowledge of the entire Great Lakes region.