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5 Reasons Experiences Make Better Gifts

Looking to up your holiday game? Look to science.

A new study done at Cornell University called Waiting for Merlot: Anticipatory Consumption of Experiential and Material Purchases gives us a few insights into how to make the most of our hard earned money when we give to friends and family.

  1. “Experiential purchases (money spent on doing), ie. Kayak Tours tend to provide more enduring happiness than material purchases (money spent on having).”
  2. “Consumers derive value from anticipation, and that value tends to be greater for experiential than for material purchases.”
    1. So…that cave kayak tour gift  you give to someone during the holiday season will have them in anticipation until summer.  Sounds like a winner.
  3. Science says your bond will benefit, too.  Want to make sure your relationship still feels new and exciting? Keep doing new and exciting things with your significant other, according to research. “Sharing new experiences is a way to grow with each other, keep the spark alive, and freshen things up in the relationship,”
    1. A few new photos of you guys having fun to showcase on your profile pics won’t hurt either. Door County Kayak Tours Facebook Page  or see some photos from this past summer.
  4. It super easy, but not lazy.
    1. The experiential gift comes off as super thoughtful, pair your kayak tour with a post romantic dinner at the Wickman House(one of my favorites). You can still buy gift certificates at the last minute(gift certificates are immediately emailed to you, stay in bed and keep your pajamas on
  5. Memories last forever.

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