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Whistling Swan is one of my favorite restaurants


David Rack’s personal review of the Whistling Swan B&B and Restaurant located in Fish Creek.

This Door County Restaurant pleases!

The B&B:  While I can’t say much for the B&B, because I have a house in Juddville and I have not stayed there.  If I were to judge it by everything else that I know of the Whistling Swan; the workers, the outside look, the atmosphere, the location, even the parking lot (pervious paved)  I would imagine it to be 5 stars!  Most couples that come kayaking with us looking for a romantic spot to stay, I direct there.   If I were staying in Door with a significant other, this is where I would stay.

The Restaurant: Amazing, if you want to stay inexpensive, just grab 3 pork belly tacos(3$each) they fill me up and they are so fresh, mouth watering, and amazing!  Think fried brussel sprouts, red onion and bacon. Yum! Otherwise, while somewhat more than the burger joint as far as price, you definitely get what you pay for.  Super wine list, and something on the menu for everyone and simple choices! I really hate it when there are too many choices on a menu.  The chef does a great job of using local ingredients, be it morels, ramps, or local vendors. They always come out with a surprise midway through the meal…but I don’t want to spoil it.  It was a bit slow one evening, and the waiter, a band member of Toivo who plays at anywhere from Husby’s to The Bayside, grabbed his guitar and broke out in song. Always a smile when walking into there.

So enjoy!