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Kiteboarding Door County

Door County Kite Boarding

Spring came early and the Kiteboarders have been riding since mid March. Door County offers many different spots for catching all the wind directions if you are an advanced kiter.

If you are a beginner then we reccomend that you ride in Baileys Harbor at Anclam Beach.  Baileys gets clean wind from the Southeast, South and Southwest, plus the harbor fills up with the top layer of Lake Michigan water which warms it by as much as 15 degrees. About a mile downwind there is a big sandy beach where beginners can land and then walk or catch a ride back upwind.

Any breezy day will have a dozen or so locals riding, and their kids playing in the waves with surfboards. Kids usually start surfing at age 4-5 and then start beginner kite flying at 8-10.

For advanced kiters looking for wave riding we do get head high waves on a regular basis and even some 10-12 foot waves if you know where to go. These waves are great for Stand Up Paddleboarding, Longboarding and even some Shortboard Surfing. Not just on Lake Michigan, but some spots on Green Bay produce suprisingly good surf – Chambers Island, Horseshoe Island, Deaths Door and Red River are just a few.

Door County has accomodations for all budgets, from primitive camping to high class hotels and condos. And if you are looking for activities for your non sailing friends/family there are may options from Arts & Crafts, Wine & Cheese, Kayak & Zip Line Tours, Bicycles and Segways. For more information about what to do in Door County you can call 920.868.1400 and talk to a Door County Kayak Tour Guide.