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Why Door County Paddleboard Yoga will challenge you!

Guide lead a SUP yoga session in Door County, Wisconsin

Paddleboard Yoga is your next amazing challenge to yourself

New this year at Door County Kayak Tours…YOGA!

Yoga is being introduced as an excellent complement to your paddle this year at Door County Kayak Tours. If you’ve ever been kayaking with us or at all, you know the muscles needed to paddle.

Yoga is being led by Jacqueline Soukup RYT 200. 1.5 hours before your scheduled kayak tour (one hour of yoga 30 minutes to change, eat, relax, ect before tour), Jacqueline will lead you in a class that is designed specifically for a pre-kayaking; chest opening, arm movements, and leg and back stretches.  Class is great for all levels of yoga (beginners-we want you too!) and if your children are old enough (7 years+) to go on the kayak tour, we would love to have them in class as well.

What to bring for yoga:
-sunscreen (yoga is held outdoors)

-optional yoga mat (mats are provided if you choose not to bring your own)

This is your vacation! Treat yourself to the poor man’s massage and give your body some love!

For more info about Jacqueline’s style visit her Website: