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Door County Moped Rental vs Fat Tire E-Bike

a person riding a motorcycle posing for the camera

The Differences between an E-Bike and Moped

  1. Electric bicycles have pedals and provide a form of exercise. Most mopeds do not have pedals and do not provide exercise.
  2. Mopeds in the USA often require a driver’s license and insurance and some form of registration. Electric bikes do not require a license or registration or insurance.
  3. While Mopeds can often travel on street bike lanes, they cannot travel on sidewalks and park in bicycle areas. An electric bicycle can travel on bike lanes and paths and park in bicycle areas. An electric bicycle is considered a bicycle.
  4. An electric bike, when configured as a mountain e-bike can travel off road on trails and state parks. A moped cannot, as it is designed for city streets.
  5. A moped is generally allowed to have a top speed of 30MPH, while an electric bicycle is generally limited to 20MPH with motor only power (can go faster if the rider is actively pedaling)