How to create a virtual reality Tour by a tourism company.

We have been playing around with virtual reality the last few months and it has a way to go, but it inspired us to think about creating virtual reality tours of our kayak tour locations up in Door County, WI.   So we looked up what it would really take and did some research to find out the best way to, hopefully we save you some time.

Which kayak tour do you want us to make as a virtual reality tour?

Would you want to see any of the kayak tours in Door County made into virtual reality tours?  If so, which ones, please let us know which tour would be the best as a virtual reality tour in the comments.

  • Get a big enough SD Card to handle the file SanDisk 128GB

  • Think about the story you want to tell. storytelling. This should be the action person.  Thus the viewer can explore the tour as they wish, and will explore something new in all directions.

  • Create the video making sure to be as stable as possible and make sure your shadow doesn’t end up in the video.

  • If you got one of the cameras we recommended on the right, then you won’t need to stitch the video together, so you can just upload it to facebook or youtube.