Even though Valentine’s Day is somewhat of a cliche holiday to celebrate, don’t forget!

A Door County Kayak Tours gift certificate is a great gift for your loved ones because a paddle together is a great way to to communicate, laugh, and remind of each other of all the love!

Gift Certificates

Try putting together a gift basket of sorts that includes the whole family. In addition to your gift certificate, here are some fun, inexpensive add-on’s you’ll be sure to enjoy on your Door County vacation.


  • Ladies:
    Let’s face it-we rule! If you’re reading this and don’t want to rely on someone else for a Valentine’s Day gift (*cough cough*) go ahead and treat yourself! I love this waterproof, yes-waterproof beach bag.


  • Men of the House:

    we love you! Your love and support mean everything to us. Here’s a fun pizza cutter which is a surprisingly convenient camping tool.


  • Something for the Kids:

    A great gift to get your kids ready and excited for summer! Big or little, these pool floats are a cute gift for any child of any age.

  • Pups:

    Our sweet four legged friends should not be forgotten! Door County Kayak Tours loves having dogs our our tours! If your dog is calm on the water, they make a perfect kayak mate.