Door County Adventures

We hope to keep you entertained by our Door County Wisconsin adventures, stories and fun facts. Stay tuned. We also give away a lot of free kayak tours here.

Door County Kayak Tours Paddles in Fall!

The first day of Autumn is known as the Autumn Equinox around the 22nd of September, meaning equally giving day and night the same amount of hours. We are excited to welcome the yellow, red,

National Tourism Day

Buckle up Kayakers/Adventure Seekers, this is my forte! Let’s get personal... Born and raised in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Baja, I have always been close to the water. Remember Sebastian, from the Little Mermaid? He

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Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Whole Fam Damily

Even though Valentine's Day is somewhat of a cliche holiday to celebrate, don't forget! A Door County Kayak Tours gift certificate is a great gift for your loved ones because a paddle

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  • door county winter snow

How to Beat Those Door County Winter Blues

What to do when you're stuck in a winter rut in Door County. I've been feeling the winter blues this winter, haven't you!? Here is a list of things to make your

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  • create a virtual reality tour

Virtual Reality Tours – How to

How to create a virtual reality Tour by a tourism company. We have been playing around with virtual reality the last few months and it has a way to go, but it

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