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Virtual Reality Tours – How to

How to create a virtual reality Tour by a tourism company. We have been playing around with virtual reality the last few months and it has a way to go, but it inspired us to think about creating virtual reality tours of our kayak tour locations up in Door County, WI.  

Super Sale Kayaks and Paddle Boards – End of Season

End of season “Super Sale” for Kayaks and Paddle Boards. Lightly used (new this summer) Paddle Boards for $750. Lightly used (new this summer) SUP Paddles for $65. Used 2-person and 1-person sit-in Kayaks for $400. Lightly used (new this summer) 2-person sit on top Kayaks for the amazing low price of only $400! Lightly

The Beginning of the End

Hi folks, It's that time of year again! It is mid-August and the approach of fall is ever-so-close. Door County win**r (this season is a dirty word here in WI) is like the rest of Wisconsin, except exacerbated - so when the temperature drops and the winds strengthen, there is no going back. For this

The Door County Cherry and The Economy

Fruit Of The Peninsula If you haven't tried a Door County Cherry yet and you've been to Door Dounty... Then turn around and come back because you missed out. And cherries from the market don't count unless they are frozen local cherries, or you bought them during the ripe cherry season months of July and

Summer is in Full Swing!

Despite a few chilly mornings, summer is here and the kayak and paddle board season is in full swing! We’ve been out on the water every day (yep, even those drizzly ones) and having a great time. The Bluffs out at Peninsula State Park are looking spectacular. We have seen several pairs of cormorants nesting

Snow Trilliums

While the weather today is a bit uncooperative, a blog post about Wisconsin's flora is a perfect opportunity to try to appreciate our need for rain every now and then. The Snow Trillium is, by far, my favorite native flower. Considered Threatened at the State-Level by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, this delicate flower is

Meet the Guides: Angelo Moroni

We all look for adventure and we all seek a amazing time.  Door County Kayak Tours is the place to be.  Hi, my name is Angelo and I am a new addition to the tour guides provided to you in Door County.  I am originally from Illinois but have lived all our the United States