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5 Reasons Experiences Make Better Gifts

  Looking to up your holiday game? Look to science. A new study done at Cornell University called Waiting for Merlot: Anticipatory Consumption of Experiential and Material Purchases gives us a few insights into how to make the most of our hard earned money when we give to friends and family. "Experiential purchases (money

The Door County Cherry and The Economy

Fruit Of The Peninsula If you haven't tried a Door County Cherry yet and you've been to Door Dounty... Then turn around and come back because you missed out. And cherries from the market don't count unless they are frozen local cherries, or you bought them during the ripe cherry season months of July and

Door County Stone Totems

When I go, the beach rocks welcome me.  In there puzzling look, they beckon to be put together.  Stacked, balanced, leaned, totemed. Those kid games never grow old, skipping stones, stacking rocks, throwing moss.  It took us into our 30's to create the game avalanche, but that is a game to only be shared by

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Summer is a tease

We are all still waiting for this season they call summer.  It seems when I was younger, it came like clock work.  School got out and the heat rolled in.  Door County plays by a different set of rules.  I wonder how many summers I have thought this thought.  Door County summers are a tough

How we lived on $20 for 20 days in the Caribbean

Changing times allow for new adventures.  Don't get stuck in your old rut of traveling.  As much as we thought we liked to not work on our travels, we changed our mind midway through our 4 months of travels in South America and Central America. My girlfriend and I landed some great little jobs on

Surf the Fresh

Stuck inside with nothing to do? One of our kayak guides, Brody Kidd has not been letting the cabin fever keep him inside.  He is repping his new brand company "Surfthefresh" hard! Imagine stepping into the frigid water with only a piece of neoprene on.  And we all know what makes waves on Lake

My preferred method of travel…slow.

Most of my time spent working is usually with the goal to save up and travel. My girlfriend Jacqueline and I enjoy traveling slowly.  Staying in one place for a few weeks if not a month or more.  It is easier to make good friends and find the secret spots. Our travels this year have

Top 5 Homemade Energy Bars

2013 is going to be the summer of enjoyable snacking. I have been getting excited since tasting an energy bar a friend had made and gave me on a outdoor adventure.  Since then, I have researched a number of homemade energy bars and are currently coming up with my favorite bar put together from all