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Employment Jobs & Internships

Door County Summer Job with DCKT in Door County = sailing, gardening, hiking, kayaking, kitesurfing, and relaxing on the beach, drive-in movies, volleyball, hands on art studio, dancing, reading, exploring, creating.

Summer Jobs Available for 2013 - Internships / Full Time / Part Time

Get College Credit! Internships are available for students and are usually given preference for hiring. Both positions require kayak guiding.


Communications Coordinator & Kayak Guide or Gardener

2 Full Time(30-45 hrs week), Internships available


Kayak Guide & Driver

6 Full Time(30-45 hrs week), Internships available


Apply at Gravity Trails website Here: Door County Summer Job Questionaire


Kayak Guide & Driver



-Outdoor Recreation



-Story Teller




Kayak Guide Time Frame

Full Time Position:

June 1-10 to August 15-30 or September 15

Priority is given to guides available till end of labor day or September 15

30-45 hours a week


Guide Benefits: Get Strong! Get Tan! Work outside! Meet beautiful people! Benefits include access to company kayaking gear on a space available basis (and according to skills), pro-deals on many brands of outdoor gear, free kayak trips for family, time to learn how to kayak, garden, sail, kiteboard and the chance to work with a fun, passionate, creative group of individuals.


Kayak Guide Job Description: We hire self motivated, confident, creative, inspiring individuals! You possess strong leadership abilities in outdoor group situations. Full time guides will lead tours multiple times per week(see our Guide Duties) in the local Door County waters. Guides give paddling instruction, lead safe tours according to company guidlelines and provide interesting, funny and informative narratives. Guides invoke laughter, insight, paitence, strength, flexibility in the kayaking guests.


6 hr. Shift Kayak Tour Guide Duties:

Arrive 1 Hour before Tour

Check that van has been left clean/stockedfrom previous tour with Kayaks/Paddles/PFD's

Stay tuned into local weather radio/web weather.

Meet and Greet Guests, Don't let them wander for a second, Welcome them with open arms, a large smile and enthusiasm!

Remind them to be prepared, ie. bathroom, clothing, keys, cell phone left behind...

Listen to any questions they may have.

Convey paddling iternary to Guests using Navigational Map

Entertain guests between pickup/dropoff (bocce ball, juggling, team games, garden walk)

Break the ice on the bus with...Ice breaker games

Facilitate ease of a quick concise kayak setup with guest interaction.

Give kayak lesson to guests

Guide or Driver(Launch Kayaks / Give confidence to anxious guests / Create wonder, respect and excitement using Natural Environment)

Entertain kids with supersoakers, adults with geology / stories / jokes

Photograph guests during tour using waterproof camera

Pack up and return to headquarters

Put away / clean / replace PFD's / VHFs / Battery's / Camera and Guide Gear equipment, van,

Walk guests through Kayak Pictures assisting them with Cd Burning or Photo Printing

Thank and ask customers to sign guest book/facebook and join us on another experience.

Log trip details on Blog/facebook/

If you have time or if a trip is cancelled, Work on a DCKT Wish List Project.


How to prepare for the Guide Position:

We realize that most of you do not have much kayak guiding experience or certifications. Past experience is not mandatory, but we will not hesitate to let you go if you are not confident of your abilities and confident in surprise scenarios of which you will engage in during training . Fear not, start studying/reading about outdoor education, specifically kayak related, and start playing in your school pool now! Our training program is intensive, the scenarios engage all your senses and any preparedness before will show during training. If invited to training, we will present you with some engaging readings, and ask you to bring something you love to share/teach at training.


Mandatory Preparations

First Aid / CPR Certifications by training.

Be legally able to work in the United States.

Read up on Door County, Kayaking Skills, group leadership skills

Join our Facebook page

Continue to converse with us on Facebook, email, google chat

Sign up for a gmail acct.

PFD and Guide Gear


Kayak Guide Training:"Kayak Guide Training Camp ” takes place in the first/second week of June(exact date dependent on arrival of all guides) Training consists of sea kayak skills training, rescue training and trip leadership training, trailer driving, reception, ice breaker games. We also spend time learning about the local area and ecology. Guides will demonstrate their skills at the end of the training. Our first camp will consist of getting to know the basics of Door County Kayak Tours and some basic kayaking rescue and navigation classes. During the time between training camps, guides are expected to join tours and use what they have learned to explore our tour locations with a partner or group of guides. The second camp will take place a week (TBA) to give time for practice and familiarize yourself with the surrounding waters.


Guide Training location:(TBA)


Guide Full time: Starting wage for a training guide is $7/hr + Tips for basic first year guiding. End of season bonus is possible

Apply Here: Door County Summer Job Questionaire


Communications Coordinator & Kayak Guide

If you enjoy juggling, creative marketing, socializing, facebooking, writing, and talking, then this position is for you.


Marketing & Communications Time Frame:


Full Time Position:

~June 8th to labor Day


Internship Position:

This can be flexible, dependent on internship requirements and if you have another job. Priority for internship positions will be given to those applicants willing to fullfil full time work.


Marketing & Communications Requirements:

- A major or direction towards communications, sales, business, marketing, or advertising

- Enjoying updating online communities (Blog, Facebook, Email)

- Quick wits and humor is a must

- Ability to handle fast-paced environment
- Ability to prioritize and switch gears when needed
- Organized individual who is creative
- Forward thinking and takes initiative
- Prior PR and event experience a plus
- Good writing and researching skills are a must
- Be proactive, creative, intelligent, and persistent self-starters.
- Be hard working, have tenacity, enthusiasm, and honesty.

- Pay Per Click/ Google Adwords/Analytics/SEO management a plus.


Marketing & Communications Benefits:

Benefits include access to company kayaking gear on a space available basis (and according to skills), pro-deals on many brands of outdoor gear, free kayak and zip line trips,improve your kayak, sail, kiteboard and the chance to work with a fun group of individuals. Access to kayaks and equipment for personal and family/friend use. Academic credit for those seeking internships. Online published writings.

Google Adwords/Analytics/SEO Management experience.


Marketing & Communications Duties:

This position entails all aspects of booking/selling tours, from the second a potential customer finds out about our tours, to when they arrive back at their home and are thanked for coming out with us. Day to day office administration, advertising, marketing, networking, and events. The many details of this customer flow are detailed below.


Office administration:

Office staff will need to learn about the area and our program very quickly in order to sell our trips effectively. Behind the reservations desk, there are many detail orientated procedures. Telephone / online / walk-in reservation duties include providing program information and taking reservations with a simple phone script. Other office duties include word processing and other computer work, record keeping, brochure and photo mailings.You will need to be organized in order to keep the scheduling books in order and to make sure that no trips are overbooked or double booked. When time permits, we are working on a graphics / video's / and other creative projects with all our toys.


Field program support

Facilitate communication of weather and pickups, drop offs between guides and drivers.


Advertising / Marketing / Journalist

Develop and promote the domestic market (ie. locals and walk-in travellers) by maintaining public exposure to company literature (eg guerrilla marketing, posters, scheduled trip dates, and brochures) and by visiting local accommodation facilities (ie. guest houses, hotels, resorts) on a regular basis to inform new arrivals of trip options. Create content to update to webpage/facebook, work with web manager to update webpage daily. Maintain a personal logbook detailing work hours, guided day trips, events and any other pertinent information (e.g. weather conditions, stories, safety log). Host a trip blog, write stories for the local papers, submit entries to travel, adventure magazines, and newspapers. Develop ideas / programs to network with local ecological groups and nonprofits(Friends of Whitefish and Peninsula State Park, LNT, ACA).


Communications Wage:Starting wage for a communications guide is $9/hr for basic first year.End of season bonus is possible

Apply Here: Door County Summer Job Questionaire


Internship Positions

We don't give meaningless tasks to interns! This internship is in indepth learning, experience, surprises, adventures and of credit. If you need credit for a specific subject for an internship, but do not see it listed, let us know on the questionaire, we are always looking for enthusiastic individuals with creative skills.

Internships for credit-

Internship positions may involve work in, education, environmental stewardship, marketing, advertising, journalism, photography, policy analysis, environmental regulation, advocacy, Tourism, Hospitality and outdoor recreation. 20-40 Hour Internship workweek. Time spent over 20 hours is not monetarily compensated, but is compensated in indepth learning, experience, surprises, adventures and of credit.


Please educate yourself on Door County, Kayaking, local ecology and become prepared for a fun summer in the sun.


Colleges and universities frequently send us interns who are interested in pursuing a career as outdoor educators and/or administrators. Please let us and your education coordinator know if this opportunity interests you.


How to Apply...

Fill out the DCKT Job Questionaire at the GravityTrails Jobs Questionaire


Door County Kitesurfing

Too windy to work...


Opportunities for advancement

Wow, there is so much opportunity in this world! Dare I say, Follow your love and dream big, If you have the right qualities, dream big, and act towards your dream, DCKT has a desire to expand with you into a global eco-tourism business! Inspirational service awaits you, the reward is freedom.


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