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Fall Colors Tours

Summertime in Door County may be idyllic, but fall is when our county really shows her stuff. Brilliant yellows and vibrant reds are already beginning to dapple the trees, and orchards are getting ready for what looks to be a massive apple harvest. Anyone who wasn’t able to get away for the summer can still get deals on biking, kayaking, zip lining, sailing, sightseeing, scenic boat cruises and airplane rides – all without the heavy crowds. Pumpkin Patch Festival comes to Egg Harbor October 10 and 11 this year, a fun family weekend that draws people from all over the country. The village comes alive with colorful displays, zesty hot ciders, parades, retail specials, cultural events and more. Local farms put out their best at all of the roadside stands and markets throughout Door County, selling the freshest produce and delicious seasonal treats. You can experience great cuisine with the Kingdom So Delicious festival, one of the tastiest September fall festivals in Door County, or enjoy the magic of Fall Fest in October – whatever you do here this autumn, you’re going to have a ball.

Gravity Trails in northern Door offers you the chance to get up close and personal with Door County fall colors. Our Fall Colors tours take you straight up into the trees for breathtaking views. Bike the scenic trail back to our zip course and fly through the trees. Make it a true fall experience with a kayak tour on the pristine Mink River, where you’ll travel through Wisconsin’s only officially designated wilderness state park, Newport State Park in Ellison Bay. It doesn’t get any more refreshing than having fun with friends and family in the crisp fall air.

Get a shot in the arm this fall with these great Fall Color Activities and more. Give GT a call to make your reservations today – remember, weekends fill up fast!

Did you guys know… BAJA is AJA… but with a B…

Hola… writing today with the splenders of another penninsula on my mind.  Imagine if you may, endless beaches, unexplained rock formations, colorful deserts, gray whales, brilliant clear skies, and a variety of unique people to spice up your life!  Getting excited already?? Because I sure am!  This winter myself (guide), David Rack (owner of DCKT), Abbie Turner (guide/photographer), Taylor Johnson (photographer), Chris Katzban (guide), John Suhar and some other friends are heading to the BAJA penninsula in search of fun in the sun, a winter escape, and of course adventure.  The winter months in BAJA average 70-80 degrees which sounds like just about perfect winter weather to me! That is one thing I will not miss while basking in the Mexican sun, is the freezing cold Wisconsin winters!  Because of the consistently beautiful weather nothing will hold us back from engulfing ourselves in the endless adventure that awaits.  Mile after mile of stunning coast line provides perfectly sandy kayak launch locations and speaking of kayaking… I thought kayaking around Door County was beautiful, but could you imagine kayaking the Sea of Cortez (water way between the BAJA Penninsula and the rest of Mexico) while gray whales swim by you?

Great People, Good Food, and Beautiful Scenery

As new comer to the Door County area, I have already fell in love with the sights, sounds, and amazing atmosphere here in the north east peninsula of Wisconsin. I have had some great experiences so far including kayaking out on the water and viewing, for the first time, the caves that truly are a sight to see, hiking around on Eagle Trail in Peninsula State Park, cooking some amazing food, meeting a wide variety of unique people that are all pulled together by the love of the outdoors and the atmosphere that comes with it, and many more. One thing that I continue to find breathtaking every day is how stunning the sunsets are and how they leave you with this amazing feeling of serenity. I can’t wait to kayak a sunset tour soon and be able to view one from the water. I already know this is going to be one incredible summer and I can’t wait for those consistently beautiful summer days and all the fun that comes along with it. Living out at ‘Camp David’ on county highway F has also been a blast and Fishstock concerts are definitely going to be a highlight. This is the type of summer fun you just do not want to miss!

Climbing on the St. Croix

River boat

As the hardest of the snow follows exodus into the ground water and beyond,

joining the river in its triumphant run,

spring finds the aspiring rocky faces nearby

suddenly populated.


In short, I joined some other students on a where the St. Croix River separates Wisconsin from Minnesota

and spent the day climbing some of the adjacent cliffs. Excellent photo op.

This was the first day above 10 degrees in a while.


Single pitch, about 5.9.

dscf0512.jpg dscf0519.jpg

Two old-fashioned river boats, that would no doubt be full of tourists in the summer, sat dormant at the landing.

dscf0506.jpg dscf0526.jpg

-Get outside.

Waterproof Cameras

Being on the water as much as we do, we have quite a list of lost, broken, abused, and waterlogged cameras! The 2 cameras we are now using for our kayak tours photos are the Cannon SD800 with the waterproof housing, and the Optio stylus wp. We originally were using a Cannon SD 400 with the waterproof housing, but it was lost on a tour.

The Cannon SD800 IS w/Waterproof housing


  • Bigger Buttons to push
  • Larger and easier to find
  • Takes abuse
  • Takes fast pictures
  • Good Quality
  • View finder


  • You have to keep the inside lens of the waterproof housing clean as well as the lens of the camera you are using
  • we had one of the buttons to turn on the power on the inside of the housing get free an
  • old battery charger does not work with new batteries(is this an annoyance of anyone else)

The Optio Stylus WP

  • Smaller
  • takes good panoramic pictures
  • good resistance to cold
  • slips in your pocket and is not obtuse


  • Gets washed out with light easily
  • Slower to take a picture(Not good, as you float by what you want to take)
  • No viewfinder
  • grainy images
  • xd card(you need another card reader if your computer doesn’t read xd cards)
  • hard to look at viewing screen with sun on it
  • horrible battery life with stock battery

Tips to using a camera on the water

  • Turn the camera’s options to stay on all the time, but have it shut off the display after 30seconds, that way you don’t have to turn the camera on and wait for it to load before every photo as well as it somewhat saving the batter.
  • shoot with the sun at your back or to the side to reduce glare
  • shoot with the sun directly in front of you if you are looking to get a great silhouette photo
  • Rain-x on the outside lens of the waterproof housing will stream the water off the lens and reduce unwanted water marks on the lens.
  • Attach your camera to your life jacket, but make sure that you can use it within eyes distance and that it does not impede your safety or paddle stroke or bounce around(I don’t like it hanging from my neck for very long, I like it carabinered to my pfd and laying in my lap.