Rachel Garletts

Rachel will be joining Door County Kayaking Tours this summer to fill the position of photographer extreme/guide. Presently sophomore and a half status for her BFA in Photography at Shepherd University with a minor in “everything fun”. Rachel hopes upon finishing her BFA and BS to further her education by continuing on to grad school. Rachel’s interest in photography began long before she ever owned a camera, knew how they worked or ever contemplated being photographer. Over time though, her curious nature and keen eye and love of nature has been drawing it ever closer to her.


The literal meaning of the word photograph is: to paint with light. Her fascination with natural occurrences of light such as lightning storms on summer days, or the warm glow of the suns last moments before sets, or more simply, light. How it sustains nature and life for that matter. It is consistent, necessary and ever changing in many aspects.

Whitetail 08

Rachel’s life has been one of excitement, experiences and adventure from backpacking the application, to month long excursions across the U.S her love of nature and desire to explore it in any way possible has lead an exciting route thus far.
Most of her early years were spent in the mountains of West Virginia. Home schooled along with her three other siblings she quickly learned valuable lessons about nature and wildlife. For instance “you can’t eat everything you find in the woods that looks like it might taste good”. “Supposedly its bad for your health” and “if you use your mothers pots and pans for critters, you better not forget about them” “by experience this can be bad for your health also”.


Rachel’s love for nature, both preservation and experience have kept her busy throughout high school and collage. Juggling school, work, family and friends while still enjoying the things she loves can be trying but it’s always worth it. During the winter months Rachel gets a good season of snowboarding in, and the occasional “polar bear” camping trip. But when summers come around its time for bearable camping, bonfires, hikes and paddling.Kayaking


3 thoughts on “Rachel Garletts

  1. Terrie

    Hi Rachel! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures when you come back to the east coast! Stay safe, (Jerilynn’s Mom)

  2. old dog

    I like the importance you place on applications of “light” and it’s many dimensions. Keep on painting.

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