Michelle S.

Michelle Schneider

Michelle is currently (still!!!) in school working on her Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota. She is finishing up her third year and needs a break! So…she decided to come back and join us again for the 2008 summer kayak season in wonderful Door County!!! As you can tell by the amount of exclamation points she is pretty excited. Michelle has been involved with the outdoors her entire life starting with camping with her parents at the age of three. Then throughout childhood she could be found hiking though the woods, swimming in the lake, or being engulfed by the bog (ask her about this…it makes for a good story!) After graduating from high school she made a vow to herself to do something new and exciting every summer there on out. The first summer was dedicated to her first canoeing adventure which happened to be in Upper Michigan. She was given the opportunity to paddle lakes that cannot be traveled to by vehicle, and swam in the cleanest of waters. The following summer she randomly traveled to Tennessee and spent some time camping/hiking/ and exploring at Montgomery Bell State Park with her old roommate. She says that the best part about the Tennessee trip is that she and her roommate rarely used a map and just drove around until they came upon something interesting! Then last summer she was looking for something more adventurous and daring so she decided that she would like to learn how to kayak. So she packed up her car and ended up in Door County WI where she worked for DCKT!


That summer Michelle did things that she previously thought as impossible. Things such as: driving the bus around AND backing it up with trailer, surfing on a kayak, completing an Eskimo roll, learning everything she did about kayaking itself, sailing, and making an awesome latte! :) On top of all that she gained new experiences and made new friendships that she would not trade for anything in the world. As for the summer of 2008 she is ready for another kayak season and hopes to continue with where she left off last summer. Also she has recently bought a backpack that she is dying to try out, any recommendations for climbs/expeditions let her know!!!

Hey look there is a boat down there!

On a final note Michelle is pretty outgoing, completely random, and has the ability to talk your ear off BUT also loves to listen to peoples stories…so do share!

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