Abbie Turner

Abbie comes to Door County Kayaking Tours this summer with an adventurous love for life that is contagious to those around her. After finishing her first year of college at UW-Oshkosh, she has decided to take her photography passion and put it into action this summer.

Her love of arts has lead her to ceramics, painting, drawing, photography, and design. Through art, Abbie expresses what is going on in her head and spirit. Her goals this summer are to expand the knowledge of photography to excel more and more each day. Her desire to capture that special moment on the water shows through with her dedication and patience. She has a gift of revealing herself and life through her work.

If you take a minute to talk to her, you will soon find her passion for the outdoors. Growing up with a field to play in and no television to sit in front of, Abbie found the outdoors to be her best friend. Traveling to Colorado and doing a five-day river-rafting trip in the Dinosaur National Park was an excellent trip that prepared Abbie for the true meaning of “roughing it”. Enjoying the sights, the troubles, and the pure rush of living on the river for five days was an experience all in itself. While there, she learned quickly that you must always be prepared for anything. Like when you flip a kayak while going down “Hell’s Half Mile” which were the biggest rapids of the whole trip! Along with the Colorado trip, Abbie has done the Green River in Colorado as well, and the Peshtigo and Wolf River here in Wisconsin.

Abbie’s desire to explore the world has lead her to DCKT, and will then push her to Arizona in the fall where she is further developing her photography. One day, most likely when school is out of the way, Abbie hopes to begin traveling and seeing what else is out there. She is looking forward for this summer to meet new friends, and sharing her love of life and challenging those around her to be positive and adventurous in all that comes their way.

4 thoughts on “Abbie Turner

  1. turner

    Yea but what about the groover? how fun was that? nice profile mousie love ya papa

  2. brittony

    i’m so excited to experience this roughing it with you this weekend abbie lynn turner!!

  3. Marian Crew

    Thanks for a great “college reunion” tour today Abby! We had a real blast, and you were right about the tan on our legs! I think we all want to call in sick tomorrow to recover! Thanks for such much fun! :o)

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