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So how about a good story to take your mind off the cold, snow and get you dreaming of far off places.  I hope it doesn’t make anyone too jealous, but instead inspires you to get a little more pro-leisure in your life, a little more adventure, a little more spontaneity.  I know that there are times when the cold, dark, winters put me in a funk, I just need to get out and vanish to some far off destination, usually a third world country where I can stretch my money, where a dollar buys you a beer, where you can rent a place next to the beach for a couple hundred bucks instead of a couple thousand.  Places like the Dominican Republic, Indonesia or Costa Rica. It is mainly because I like exploring those places over a few months, meeting new friends and wiggling my way into the local thread of food(roadside bbqs’s), culture, (costa rican rodeo’s) and discovering new ideas from the kids on the street selling creative tourism friendship that draw me to them.

This winter, I had to ask myself what I wanted to do?  Something inside me told me the Rockies were going to get a lot of snow, and a lot of my friends were heading out there, so it was a tough battle between floating down the Rockies on pillows of powder howling like a wolf into the wind, getting silly dancing to Nick Steingart(Fred and Fuzzy’s Tues summer nights, Moe’s BBQ) during Apres, and relaxing exhausted in a Jacuzzi watching the snow fall until the dawning of the first chair.  But alas, I had other dreams, the wind, waves and wild waterfalls of Maui were calling my name.

Ten years prior, I had arrived at Maui to visit my inspiring artist uncle Jimbo and explore the healing island of Maui.  It is quite a long story unto itself, so i’ll skip to the good stuff; Lived with a Mad scientist Marko Rodin, juiced and baked in a basement until a paycheck blunder blessed me with a challenging kayak guide opportunity, after completing some guiding tests(diving 40 ft to pick up a set of keys from the ocean floor and backing up a three story trailer) I was destined to kayak, swim and take photos with the dolphins and tourists for 3 months straight.  Rough gig, oh yea, and I camped on a nature preserve one mile away that I could walk to work, pick and drink a coconut on the way.  So you can probably see why I was leaning back towards revisiting this beautiful piece of heaven.  I am calling it my 10 year reunion.  So far, it has answered most of the dreams I have had in the past 10 years, namely those fears and dreams which I was too distracted to accomplish.

My dreams, some of them may seem a little silly, so bear with me;

It took me a few weeks to get the kitesurfing addiction out of my blood, rallying around the waves and wind of the Northshore of Maui with a friend from Hood River I had met a few weeks earlier visiting my sister,  this first week took my mind off of the snow in the Rockies.  The second day of kiteboarding, we were hit with a swell that gave me goose bumps.  We launched our kites from a place called secret cove, the wind was intermittent and rocks and coral were waiting for our mistakes.  Patiently waiting for the wind to favor me, I flew out into the trade winds which hit maui most every day.  Once out past the reef, the swells grew and I found myself at the bottom of a 20ft wave, now most of the waves are measured from the middle of the wave, so really it was probably only a 10ft wave, but at the bottom of the trough, it was like looking up at a moving mountain, once I had arrived at the top of it, I started skipping down the face, just a flying smile across my face, a dream gifted by the makai(ocean) a mountain (makah) conquered, but not without a lesson, soon I had outrun my kite and it fell from the sky into the front of this monster of a wave.  Bobbing with my kite in the water, awaiting the monsters teeth, my smile quickly vanished and a strong sense of peace came over me, what was to happen next I was only too lucky to have been prepared for.  I quickly grabbed my board and prepared to be shot through the water once the wave grabbed my kite, I went straight as a arrow, and took a breath(ha), I shot 15 feet through the water unscathed, kite still flopping around, the next wave was too close to do anything but be a needle fish through the water again, and the next one as well.  Supriseingly, I felt quite safe, my kite relauched after the third wave, I still had my board in my hand some how and I strapped it on and charged the resuming monsters for 3 hours.  It was quite confidence boosting, to get rolled and come out unharmed.

Well, I guess that is enough of a story to start out my traveling journal for this winter.   Stay tuned for more of my adventures, I could keep writing, but the day is calling, let me maybe inspire some action to come adventure with me for a week or get excited for the summer.  Oh yea, and gift certificates for Zip Line Gift Certificates http://doorcountykayaktours.com/Gift_Certificates.html and Kayak Tours(discounted) http://doorcountykayaktours.com/Gift_Certificates.html do make healthy gifts for these holidays!  They can be emailed and printed out for quick gifts, they also support these stories.

Adventure stories to be continued…

Living with an intentional community, Playing music, becoming a circus performer, Cleaning out the cheese curds and beer by growing a garden of exotic smelling flowers and break the mouth organic food, and vine climbing into a living mango tree to sleep in the jungle and a Dolphin Retreat Invitation.

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