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Garrett Bay
Fast Facts
Location Names

HedgeHog HarborGills RockDoor Bluff Headlands ParkDeath's Door




Gills Rock,Ellison Bay

Tour Info:

This Kayak tour begins with a visit to the sight of an 1888 shipwreck where the ribs and keel can still be seen laying on the bottom of the bay. Then we continue along the cliffs and scenic coastline of The Bluff Headlands Park and towards the The Potawatomi Pictographs


Intermediate depending on wind


Coming soon in 2008...

Destination Info:

Garrett Bay is the smaller bay of Hedgehog Harbor which is near the tip of the peninsula, it is a very quiet bay, with little boat activity and very a picturesque setting which includes Washington Island and Gills Rock.  The boat launch is rocky but when the wind is blowing strong south, Garrett Bay offers one of the only truly protected areas to paddle on the peninsula.

Door County:



Door Bluff Headlands Park

Driving Directions

Take 42 North through Ellison Bay, at the north end of Ellison Bay, take a left on Garrett Bay Road.  Take Garrett Bay Road for 2.3 miles.  The Public Boat launch is on the left, it is unlabeled, but is the first time you see the water on Garrett Bay Road.

Kayak Launch:

Rocky and slippery, partly asphalt.

Launch/Landing Fee

None-Pick up a piece of trash on your way out.

Kayaking Precautions:

Boat activity on labor day weekend

Fishing Tips:

This is where all of the great fishermen catch salmon off of the Bluff about 200 yards. One of the more popular spots! Fishing licenses and Great Lakes stamps can be purchased online.




Minimal amount of parking space...Hint...Car pool

Calm Paddling

(S, SW, SE, W) less than 20 knots

Surfing Spot Name

Known to locals as the "G-Spot" or "The Pipeline" for its once in a blue moon curling wave. Garrett Bay is a very scary spot to kayak surf. The on-shore break is dangerous because of the amount of rocks. Wear a kayaking helmet. Check with for current wave conditions.

Surfing Conditions

(N, NE, NW) greater than 20 knots

Inns, Lodging, Hotels Motels, Camping

The ShorelineThe Parkside InnCliff Side Lodge

Eateries, Restaurants, Food, Ice Cream

The Shoreline Restaurant

Possible Downwind Location Trips

Ellison Bay with a Northeast windNorthport with a South/Southwest wind

Tips, Things To Do, Secret Spots

The boat launch is rocky but when the wind is blowing strong south, Garrett Bay offers one of the only truly protected areas to paddle on lake or bay side of the peninsula.

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