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Cave Point State Park
Fast Facts
Location Names

Cave Point State ParkCave Point State ParkKayaking Cave PointWhitefish Bay Dunes





Tour Info:

Please Click here for Cave Point Tour InformationOne can paddle into numerous caves and listen to the echo of the Water. When Windy, Cave Point is Challenging: Waves, Wind, Rocks.When it is Calm: It is an Easy Paddle. Easy Kayak Launch.


1-if calm 5-if windy and wavy. Conditions can vary quite drastically at this location.



Destination Info:


Door County:



Cave Point County Park

Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park

Driving Directions

Off of Hwy. 57. Take Cave Point Drive to Schauer Rd. Park at on Gravel. Kayak Entrance is on sandy side of pier. 5648 Schauer Rd

Kayak Launch:

The Kayak Launch is difficult to see from a distance. The water is very shallow and you may need to walk out aways to avoid scrapping the bottom of your kayak.

Launch/Landing Fee


Kayaking Precautions:

When wavy, the waves bounce off of the cliffs and caves and create very sloppy and difficult Kayaking conditions.

Fishing Tips:



Located in Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park and Cave Point County Park


Plenty of space-Large Gravel Parking Area

Calm Paddling

(N, NE, NW) less than 5 knots

Surfing Spot Name

Known to locals as the "Wall" or "Close Call" for its Cliffs that large waves break into. Wear a kayaking helmet. 

Surfing Conditions

(S, SW, SE, W)more than 15 knots

Inns, Lodging, Hotels Motels, Camping

Innlet Motel - Affordable rates in a quiet location.

Eateries, Restaurants, Food, Ice Cream

Mike's Port Pub & Grill - Great place to grab a burger after a scenic paddle.

Possible Downwind Location Trips

To Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park Launch, or to Whitefish Boat Launch

Tips, Things To Do, Secret Spots

If it is calm and you can lay flat on your kayak,, one of the caves has a entrance to another of the caves! Pack a lunch and stop at the Park. Listen to the sound of the lapping water inside of the caves.

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