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Fireworks, Fyr Ball, Festivals, Kites, Surfing, Camping, Kiteboarding, Yoga Tour

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Kite Tours

Downwind Kayak and Kite

We will be incorporating more downwind kayak tours into our Tours this 08 summer. We will make use of the wind, the waves, our rudders and our new kayak kites to have a whole lot of fun and create some big grins!

Kayak with a Kite

Intro To Sit on top Surfing Tours

A few times during the summer the wind blows and we have to cancel our standard tours. This is when our guides go out to play in the waves that the wind creates, come join our guides and learn some basic surfing techniques and play in the waves with sit on top kayaks.

Sit on top kayak surfing


Kiteboarding Instruction

  • Kitesurfing
  • Snowkiting
Kitesurfing in Door County


Kayak Camping

With enough time and preparation, we are able to allocate guides and gear to create a camping trip to newport state park or rock island. Rock island can be a bit pricey due to the ferry fees. Let us know what you are planning and your needs.


Yoga Tour


This Kayak Tour sets off to find a secluded beach...Kathy Navis of Junction Center Yoga will guide you through a sequence of ashtanga (8-limbed) yoga tradition Yoga Poses that compliment Kayaking. A very subtle and beautiful experience, Great for Beginners of Kayaking and Yoga.

Yoga Instructor: Kathy Navis

Kathy Navis has been practicing Yoga since 1980. She has been studying since 1996 with Kathnleen Kelly-Hoffman of the Bay Area Yoga Center. She studies with Ranjani Cobo, an Ashtanga master in San Diego. Kathy Navis completed her teacher-training in March, 2001 as well as the advanced teacher-training program at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara with Ganga White and Tracey Rich.


Tour Dates: Tuesdays

Tour Time:8am

Cost $58



  • Fyr Bal Festival
  • 4th of July Fireworks Paddle
  • 5th of July Fireworks Paddle


Fyr Bal Festival- Ephraim Saturday June 14th Cost: $59

Fyr Bal Festival is a Scandinavian festival celebrating the beginning of summer. Chieftain ceremony with ceremonial bonfire-lighting, fireworks at Sunset over Eagle Harbor on Saturday Night. Check out last years Fyr Bal Kayak Paddle on our Blog

we will launch from peninsula state park and head over around Eagle Bluff as we watch the bonfires with headlamps and glowsticks for safety.


4th of July- Fireworks Paddle

Baileys Harbor Fireworks Paddle- Kayak with glow sticks, head lamps along the shoreline and watch the fireworks from a kayak.

(1 week advanced reservation required, space is limited)

Cost: $58


5th of July- Fireworks Paddle

Fish Creek Fireworks Paddle- Kayak with glow sticks, head lamps along the shoreline and into the Fish Creek to watch the fireworks.

(1 week advanced reservation required, space is limited)

Cost: $58

Please call to book any of these tours


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