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There are many different types of lodging available in Door County,

Things to consider where you stay. Does it have a kitchen? How much time are you really going to spend indoors? Do you really need a pool, we are surrounded by water? Do they partake in Green/Sustainable practices or are Travel Green Certified? Do they allow kids?

Door County Peninsula

Surrounded by water, we have the most amount of coastline for any County in the USA, some people refer to Door County as the "Cape Cod of the Midwest" but I refuse to give the east coast that much due and would rather refer to cape cod as the "Door County of the East Coast"

(Gills Rock)-Quiet, fishing village

(Ellison Bay)-Quiet

(Sister Bay)-Hustle and Bustle, steep hill, Al Johnson's goats roof

(Ephraim) Drytown?!? The Hwy has great access to the view with car stopping sunsets.

(Fish Creek) Music,Hustle and bustle, kayak tours sign up at wink swimwear


(Egg Harbor) Someone threw an egg in the past, so they call it Egg Harbor. Lots of place to stay, Natural Foods Store!

(Bailey's Harbor) On a huge bay. Good Fishing. Kiteboarding, Nice beach.


(Sturgeon Bay)




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