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"Capture that anniversary memory, child's smile and adventure! the adventure based photography company is now doing our photography.

*Look for coupons before holiday seasons for that Holiday Card

*Make sure you give us your email after the tour, so we can let you know when your photos are uploaded.

*Frame an anniversary sunset kiss photo

*Capture the kids goofin


Photos/Pictures and Photography:

We work extrememly hard to capture your memories thru photos; we hope you value the photos we have taken and the prices reflect the time, energy and equipment we have invested to bring those memories to you.

Enjoy, and Thanks



Capture your memories! Vacation Photo / Picture Ideas.

* You can now copy/burn your pictures from the end of the tour at our Yak Shak.

* There is no shooting fee.There is no obligation to buy. Electronic proofs are available for viewing the same afternoon at our convenient sales areas at the Door County Kayak Tours Yak Shak.

Special arrangements for groups, special events, honeymoons, romantic, and individuals can be made with our friendly staff in advance.

Private Tours come with a Photo Cd.



Photo Viewing

Watch your photos from the tour on the bus ride home!

Photography Department.

So many people enjoyed the photos we took of them during the past summer, that we have expanded our photography department and have added a few fun tools;


  • A DSLR Nikon D80 with zoom and wide angle lens- this will take photos from the land at picturesque locations along the kayak tour.
  • A cannon SD800IS with bomber waterproof housing, the on water guide will carry to get all of the up close action and catch the supersoaker fights, waterbased perspectives and take a few pictures of themselves?
  • Laugh at the funny pictures and get an idea of what pictures you want to print out back at the Yak Shak with our Onboard Bus 15" Digital Photo Frame.
  • Computer Printing stations- Pick and choose which photos you want to make into postcards, frame, or send home to friends.


Some feedback from Tours with Door County Photos / Pictures:

The pictures are amazing!
Thanks! Jennifer Payton

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