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Day Tours

Cave, Lighthouse, Bluff, Estuary Kids & Shipwreck Tours

Day Tours of Peninsula State Park, Whitefish Bay Dunes, Cave Point,

Your Kayak Tour location (Caves, Bluffs, Estuary, Lighthouses, Shipwrecks) is dependent on the wind direction / strength, group ability and ultimately the guide's decision. Our guides do their best to choose the safest and most enjoyable tour possible for the conditions. Our Day Tours are great for Kids ages. 5+!


If you have a specific tour you really want or want to be in a group with only your friends or family, we suggest you take advantage of our Private Group Guided Tour although tours are still dependent on wind conditions, we are able to .


Cave Tours-Our #1 Tour-Where we try to go on most Tours!

Cave Tour Itinerary:

With a introductory lesson and a launch from a location north of Cave Point, we follow the lake michigan coast untill we get to Cave Point where we creep along listening to the wonderful sound of the water lapping in the caves. Most of the cave point sea caves are not viewable from the land. You will be one of the lucky few to observe them from your kayak. We then explore the caves and tunnel with our kayaks and finally head towards whitefish Bay Dunes state park. At this point we turn around and return to our launch location or head to the take out point at the Whitefish Bay Town boat launch where we are picked up and head back to the Yak Shak.


Cave Point/Whitefish Dunes Private Tour posibilities:

Make it a downwinder, Make it just your friends or family, stop off at Whitefish Bay Dunes Park or Cave Point State Park for a hike through the dunes or photo shoot and add a lunch from the outpost on Reservation Form. Check out the shipwreck off of Whitefish Bay Dunes Beach.

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Bluff Tours

Peninsula State Park Bluff Tour

  • Launch at Tennison Bay
  • Relax and get comfortable paddling around Tennison Bay
  • Head out of Tennison Bay and paddle with the wind at your back
  • Be pushed past The Eagle Bluff Lighthouse
  • Head out to and around the backside of Horseshoe Island
  • Cruise over to Tour Eagle Bluff from below
  • Gaze into the caves on Eagle Bluff and up its magnificent walls
  • Stay protected in the Nicolet Bay and the surrounding area from Wind and Waves.
  • Get picked up either at the Nicolet Bay Boat Launch or the Ephraim Info Center
  • Head back and watch the slideshow of your tour on the Bus.


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Door Bluff Headlands Park

  • View The Door Bluff Headlands Park one of the highest natural spots in Door County
  • Be awed by grandiose Geometric Limestone Shapes and time worn bluffs
  • Head towards historic Potawatomi Pictographs to view the potawatomi native american rock paintings.
  • Visit the schooner fleetwing 1888 shipwreck where the ribs and keel can still be seen laying on the bottom of the bay
  • View Washington Island and the Plum Island Lighthouse from a distance.


Door Bluff Private Tour: (Add Private Tour Request on Reservation Form)

  • Make it a downwinder; Launch at Ellison Bay Women's Center Beach
  • Become comfortable in the calm area of Ellison Bay
  • See the Ellison Bay Bluff Park from your kayak
  • Cruise down the coast and learn how to surf some small waves.
  • Be pushed with the wind at your back as you pass the Jens Jensens hidden retreat at the Clearing
  • enjoy a hike at the highest natural place in Door County, the Door Bluff Headlands Park
  • Add your own creative touch to the communal wood art sculpture on the way back down to the beach
  • or snorkel the schooner fleetwing near the take out in Garrett Bay
  • Capture your group with a photo shoot

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Estuary Tours

Mink River Estuary

"Waters from the Mink River and Lake Michigan combine to form this freshwater estuary. The visitor will enjoy a habitat almost identical to that witnessed by the Potawotami Indians, who lived here more than 100 years ago. A leisurely kayak trip from Rowley's Bay to the spring-fed headwaters of the Mink River provides a great opportunity for bird watching. The diverse vegetation in the estuary features communities from white cedar swamps to wild rice marshes. Bird Watching-This is a critical migration site for birds: More than 200 species may pass through the area annually. These include the following: * Bitterns * Black-crowned Night Herons * Black Duck * Black Terns * Blue-winged Teal * Common Loons * Great Blue Herons * Herring Gulls * Marsh Hawks * Wood Duck. In late summer and fall, it's possible to see double-crested cormorants and red-breasted mergansers. And evidence exists of habitation by the bald eagle and sandhill crane. Lowland forest, dominated by white cedar, surrounds the edges of the marsh." Quoted from the Nature Conservancy- Mink River Estuary

We launch from Sand Bay Beach and paddle into the Mink River Estuary.


Mink River Estuary Private Tour: (Add Private Tour Request on Reservation Form)

Stop off at the Nature Conservancy Benches halfway through the mink river and take a break, a hike,a photo shoot, or have lunch. Bring some binoculars for some bird watching.

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Riebolt's Creek Estuary

Launch in the Riebolt's Creek Estuary, head up a gentle winding stream, as you pass blue herons, cranes, and fish below your kayak. Riebolt's creek estuary eventually opens up into Mud Lake, a beautiful shallow lake surrounded by wildlife, birds and forest. Circumnavigate the lake and eventually let the stream carry you back to your original launch location. This is a great location to kayak in the early spring when the water on the lake and bay is too chilly to kayak without a wetsuit.


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Lighthouse Tours

Cana Island Lighthouse Tour

As we launch from Reiboldt's Creek estuary, we wind our way through native grasses to Moonlight Bay. This Creek offers us a great time to become familiar with the stability of the kayak in a very calm area. We then enter Moonlight Bay, depending on the weather pattern and groups ability, we have two choices:

  • Head out to the north side of the bay and follow the coast towards Cana Island Lighthouse and turn around or head to North Bay to get picked up.
  • Paddle past Ridge's Sanctuary and Toft's Point

This is great for Bird Watching and enjoying the shallow safety of Moonlight Bay.


Cana Island Lighthouse Private Tour: (Add Private Tour Request on Reservation Form)

Make this a downwind experience from North Bay, check out the shipwreck in North Bay

Include a stop off at Cana Island Lighthouse.


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Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

One of our more enjoyable tours, we see many famous door county sites that includes the bluffs, lighthouse and an island; eagle bluff lighthouse, chambers island from a distance, horseshoe island, kayak under the eagle bluff cave and across eagle harbor. See Peninsula State Park Bluff Tour for more info and bluff photos for photos of Eagle Lighthouse


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Plum Island Lighthouse

Paddle across Death's Door and around the island to go under the old coast guard station. One of our most advanced tours, only offered with a private guided tour and some past experience with DCKT.


Private Group Benefits: Prices
  • Increase your chances of your groups desired tour location!
  • With a familiar group, we are able to focus on YOU!
  • No Strangers, just your group with your guide.
  • Create a more begginner, intermediate or advanced tour
  • Explore the Door - Create Custom Tour location with your Guide's Input
  • Incorportate more advanced private kayak lesson/games/ personality into tour
  • Include a Photo Shoot of your group

Add your private tour request on reservation form



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